Why vegan skincare?

Why vegan skincare?

I am the owner of a Bright, Radiant and Non-Flakey skin no matter the season.

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 You Can Be Too

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Vegan Skincare!

Rubbing spinach on my face and taking baths with cabbage

Was this the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the term “vegan skincare” because it did in my case! I never knew I could buy natural body scrub and vegan body wash and glow like Cinderella every day!

P.s I keep glowing after midnight too!

I don’t blame myself because there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about the vegan skincare. People think natural products aren’t as effective as the ones with chemicals.

If you go a little back in time or maybe just have a talk with your grandparents about natural products, you will be starstruck. My grandmother told me she used to apply a lot of raw turmeric paste and powder during her skincare routine. Although she later added that she switched to vegan skincare products and uses turmeric brightening clay masks from Herb Organic and has the same results as using actual turmeric.

I’d say she looks gorgeous, even in her late 70s.

One of the roots of misconceptions and misleading information about veganism stems from the internet. How and why you may ask?

The internet has found some pseudo-vegans who know nothing about the vegan ideology and how it’s the best thing which later started a bandwagon of hate towards the vegans. Let’s say you might be thinking that vegans stay dependent on leaves and water to stay alive. Which to your news, is not true!

Raw Potatoes for Dinner? We Don’t Do That…

Every time I look at potatoes, I remember a hilarious thing happened to me a while ago.

A friend invited me over for a dinner and served me raw potatoes along with some other random leaves. When I asked if it was a joke, she answered very innocently. She thought vegans eat all that.

I later had to explain how veganism is not only about avoiding animal-by products. I told her how being a vegan I benefit the environment and my health simultaneously. It’s like a pledge to save the world and everyone who lives in it. On the other hand, I love the perk of having glowing skin while doing so.

Saving the world with clear skin, sounds like a deal right?

Are You Ready to Shine Bright Like a Diamond?

Just a quick question for you, would you rather have flawless skin like Cara Delevingne but have long-term consequences or live with dark circles and wrinkles for the rest of your life? That doesn’t even make sense!

Nobody would want either the consequences or bad skin. So, what if I say you can have the perfect skin without paying an opportunity cost?

Yes, vegan skincare has always been the answer!

If you’re not sure then don’t give up as yet, who knows you might be using a rose water spray UK vegans love by the day end.

Truth, Justice and the Vegan Way!

Did you know Robin is a vegan?

He fights the crimes, stays fit and keeps his skin fresh at the same time. So who wouldn’t want to be like a robin? Well, I wouldn’t because I am already the Wonder Woman!

By implementing a vegan skincare routine in your daily life, you will be slaying all day long without causing any damage to anyone and that’s not it. You won’t be just looking the best of yourself, you’ll be saving the species including us from extinction. I mean you don’t want pandas or monkeys to go extinct right?

A lot of the vegan skincare products donate a part of their revenue to save the environment. So every penny you spend on yourself is structuring the future for better.

“Hey, Have Some Toxic Chemicals for Your Skin”

The big bad wolf comes up to you and offers you some scary looking chemicals.

Would you take them? The naive red riding hood might accept the offer but I wouldn’t.

Apart from that, let that sink in: “from your moisturizer to your shampoo, you’re consuming highly toxic chemicals every day” How does it make you feel? It gave me goosebumps when I first thought about it. Here are a few toxic chemicals found in daily skincare products that you should be scared of unless you want to break your skin into a million pieces:

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Toulene
  • Triclosan
  • Lead
  • Petrolatum

And a lot more

I’d rather not use any of these & will just stick to my vegan body wash and face wash. Worry-Free!

Bloom & Groom

Your skin is delicate and so are you! You won’t opt-in for the toxic chemicals, would you?

If you do, I won’t blame you because heretofore, I used to do it too before doing my research. I went to buy a body scrub & a moisturizer and froze in my tracks after reading the ingredients used. Now I buy natural body scrub and vegan super glow serum glossier instead of such toxic things.

While non-vegan skincare products may contain toxic components, vegan skincare is utterly the opposite. For instance, their products may include:

  • Essential Oils
  • Herbs
  • Seaweed
  • Chamomile
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit & Vegetable Extracts

And a lot more. I’d rather have some rose water spray UK vegans store instead of some famous animal-slaughtering brand and I guess, you’d do the same.

A Time Machine for Your Skin!

People often just accept the wrinkles and dark circles as growing up. It is part of life and there is nothing wrong with having wrinkled skin but would you say no to flawless skin?

Let me tell you the secret of looking fresher, healthier and younger. I know, it’s irresistible for you because it was for me as well.

You can relax because you don’t need a DeLorean time machine to do that. The only thing that can make your skin healthier and make you look younger is Vegan skincare. The vitamins and herbs work like magic. Just try some vegan super glow serum glossier and see the gleam on your skin. Soft, and glowy baby skin!

Glow Even if Your Bank is Low

Don’t worry about the money darlin’

Affordability is something that you must have been thinking about. After all, something so natural and beneficial could cost you a lot.

But there is good news for you!

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on skincare anymore! Vegan skincare products are comparatively cheaper to famous beauty brands, then what is holding you back? Just go try some yourself and then differentiate.  A little warning for you: it can be habit-forming and you might never want to buy expensive skincare products ever again. I started shopping at Herb Organics a while ago and now I just can’t hold myself from doing so.

No Discrimination in Vegan-Nation

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mid-aged man or a college girl. You can use some rose mist and an energizing natural face wash to jumpstart your day.  After all, it is the modern era and there are no gender norms when it comes to vegan skincare.

So what are you waiting for? Join the natural gang beat the stigma and stereotypes of skincare!

The wizardry of the Vegan Skincare is Yours Now!

You don’t need to be a wizard or a witch to save the world and look young.

That is simply because you can do it by consuming vegan-oriented products. It seems amazing from all the aspects, there is possibly nothing that can go wrong.

On a side note, consider your allergies and existing skin conditions while using vegan skincare products. Don’t use products with the ingredients you’re allergic to. Now, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or the product, it just means you need something that suits your skin and health.

Vegan Skincare, Get Your Skin Clear!

I follow my vegan skincare routine religiously hence my skin stays perfect all the time, so does my health. No breakouts, no acne, no dark circles! Its only me and my perfect-to-flaunt skin. You can achieve the ideal skin too and will be exhibiting it in no time if you switch to the vegan diet!

So what’s stopping you from going all vegan?

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