Things you cannot afford to take near your skin – 10 things to avoid this summer

Things you cannot afford to take near your skin – 10 things to avoid this summer

Do you love summer or do you love your skin? Don’t say you love both! Because then, you will be getting yourself into a weird love triangle…

Whether you love summer or not, your skin (if you have a normal one) absolutely hates this time of the year! And guess what? It expresses its hatred – sometimes in subtle ways and other times, more explicitly. But things really start to get worse, if you make these ten mistakes – your skin goes on a full-on aggressive protest, which you definitely don’t want.

Hence, in order to go through the summers without agitating your skin, you have to avoid these ten things. Some of them are obvious (but that doesn’t make them any less important) while others are not so obvious. Some may even surprise you!

Avoid these 4 things at all costs!

1. Direct sun-exposure

Sun-bathing and beach volley ball are fun, but these activities expose your skin to sun light and that can damage your skin. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D and there is nothing wrong with spending a little while in sun. But when you expose your skin to direct sunlight for an extended period, that’s when things get ugly.

Too much sun exposure allows the harmful UV rays to reach the inner, more delicate layers of your skin and that damages the skin cells and causes them to die. If you do it consistently, it can put you at risk of developing skin cancer.

Hence, the next time you plan a trip to beach with your buddies, don’t forget to take your sunscreen along and make sure to apply and re-apply it. Your skin will thank you.

2. Excessive exposure to pollutants

Stay away from the environments that expose your skin to pollutants, as they can as they can damage your skin and cause allergies.

I know it’s easier said than done, because let’s face it, pollutants are everywhere and it is almost impossible to avoid them completely. However what you can do is be careful and minimize the exposure, and when the exposure is inevitable, make sure to cleanse your skin after it is being exposed to the pollutants.

The cleansing product must suit your skin type, and it must also be gentle on your skin. If you are confused which product to use, just grab HerbOrganic’s Deep cleansing dead sea facial wash – it’s the perfect choice for this purpose as its gentle and suits all skin types.

3. Steer clear of alcohol-based toners!

Alcohol will dehydrate your skin, which you don’t want, regardless of whether its summer or winter – But you have to be especially careful during the hot summer months as the heat already dehydrates you and your skin – and alcohol just adds to the misery.

You can switch to natural alternatives, and when it comes to toners, you can go with witch hazel, rose water mist and apple cider vinegar – all of them are excellent toners and are good for your skin.

4. Silicone based products

Silicone based primers and foundations clogs pores that can cause acne and pimples. Add some summer heat into the equation (which helps the process), and you have the perfect RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

These 6 products in summer? Not a good idea!

There are some “good” things that you should also avoid. Why? Because as soon as they get a little bit of heat, these good things turn EVIL!

5. Facial Oils

Facial oils are great for your skin as they nourish it, moisturize it and keep it healthy. But when the temperatures are high, you should stop using them.

The combination of heat and humidity causes the oil to clog your pores – which makes your skin look dull and greasy – and it doesn’t feel nice either. Add to that the increased risk of breaking out! Yes, that’s how bad the facial oils can be during the summer!

6. Facial Scrubs

Scrubs help remove the dead skin and revitalize your skin during the harsh dry winters. But do you really need them in the summer? Not really.

The grainy textured scrubs can cause abrasions and the summer heat and sweat can result in irritation.

7. Creamy Cleansers

Creamy cleansers are another one of those products that are good for your skin but when the temperatures are on a rise, you can’t take them near your skin.

During fall and winter months, when the weather is dry, cream cleansers provide moisture to dry or sensitive skin. However, they are not the best option during the summer.

Higher temperatures cause you to sweat more. Now these creamy cleansers cause that sweat, the dead skin, and oil collect on our skin’s surface which results in a dull, sallow complexion.

I recommend you to Buy Dead Sea Face Wash as it will really come in handy this summer.

8. Heavy Oil-Based Foundations

Warming: Natural oil production increases during the summer!

What that means for you is, you can’t go heavy on your make-up. You must avoid Oil-based foundation during summer because your skin is already producing too much oil. Shift to a mineral-based foundation – at least during the summer, as mineral makeup won’t clog up your pores.

9. Heavy and greasy moisturizers

Moisturizers are great and they are one of the most important steps of any skin care regimen, as they keep the skin hydrated and moisturized – that helps avoid the itchiness during winter.

That being said, heavy moisturizers should be limited to the colder months only, because they can clog pores and lead to acne flare-ups.

If you have a dry skin, and can’t do without a moisturizer, go with lighter, oil free ones during the summer months – with added SPF for sun protection.

10. Too much make-up

Make-up? What could be wrong with it? It makes you look your best! Well, while that’s true, summer is not the best time to go overboard with your make-up.

It is ideal to avoid make-up if possible, but when you have to wear it, go light and use the products in moderation. Apply some rose water mist (yes, it’s not just a toner) before make-up – it not only freshens your skin, it can also act as an amazing primer for your makeup.

Concluding thoughts…

If you love your skin, you will definitely avoid these ten things during the summer. Wait, if you can avoid these things, you can actually enjoy your summer…

…does that mean you can love both? Yes, you can, but I would suggest you pick one (your skin, of course) – because love triangles are still weird. Right?

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