The 60-Second Rule of Washing Your Face Can Fix Your Skin Issues - How to Wash Your Face

The 60-Second Rule of Washing Your Face Can Fix Your Skin Issues – How to Wash Your Face

A beaming skin, was something I have always yearned for. For days, months, years or the longest I remember. ‘May it be because of my reluctance towards practicing skin care, or perhaps the external factors acting upon my skin’, I used to ponder. Residing in a less arid and more humid-intense location, my skin has, by all means grappled most of the time. Even after paying a few short visits to my dermatologist, no improvement was neither witnessed nor felt.

As long as I could remember, these little zits and infuriating warts have always been on my skin. It is less-my-skin and more the habitat of these blisters and bumps. For the past twenty years of my life, they never abandoned me and I thought they never will.

Nevertheless, it is always that one unforeseen jiff where the sense of realization hits you like a truck and brutally drags you back to the reality. My encounter with that ‘moment’ was nothing electrifying but hasty and touching.

Wash Away Your Skin Issues

Having a bad skin isn’t a consequence of not practicing skin care frequently. It’s more an outcome of factors that are usually neglected by us. What if most of our skin issues are a result of not washing our faces the way we should? Well, a lot of people are aware of the hazards it can cause your skin but aren’t bothered enough to do anything about.

Diving deeper into the issue to trace the origin of the problem, after a lot of probing, a new revelation dawned upon people which left everybody in utter amazement. Washing your skin is equivalent to washing your skin issues away! What can be the benefits of washing your face, you might be wondering.

The most common benefit of washing your face is the easy removal of all the dirt and the debris that your face gets covered in because of the everyday pollution. Frequent facial washing eliminates all these impurities to bestow your face with a very fresh and glowing look. But a point arises here, are you washing your face in the right way or more precisely, are you following the 60-second rule of washing your face?

What is the 60 Second Rule of Washing Your Face?

In the beginning of this trend, it didn’t make sense to a lot of people. However, after a lot of in-depth research about it, people finally realized what the hype was about and why everybody was going crazy after that.

The 60 second rule of washing your skin is all about using the products that are right for your skin and purifying your face by washing. This new trend taught people the right way of washing their faces. Along with that, it also bestowed the importance of incorporating skincare products in their daily routines and instructed the way of buffing them for complete 60 seconds.

Different people perceived the 60 second rule of washing the skin in different ways. For me it was all about playing with your favourite skin care products for a minute straight. However, before getting started with the new routine, I questioned myself what good can this 60 second rule of washing can do to my skin, when even the last 20 years were of no use. And boy, I was so wrong.

How Does The 60 Second Rule of Face Washing Revive the Skin?

A shining skin is everybody’s dream however a lot of people don’t know generic soaps take them far away from this dream. So, for the initials, before we even begin talking about the 60 second rule of face washing, bust out that generic bar soap from your washroom trays and start fresh with the new routine. Now before we get started with the process, let’s have a little overview of the what this is about and how it originated.

Most of us hardly wash our face for 10 to 15 seconds maximum and then later complain about the skin not being nice to us. However, our skin requires a good wash of at least 60 seconds in order to ensure removal of all the impurifications from the surface. The 60 second rule of washing the face confirms the softening of the skin as well as dissolves all the sebum blockages better. Moreover, it also helps you get rid of all the accumulated dirt over the surface, that later on becomes the reason of bacterial infections.

How to Practice the 60-Second Rule of Washing Your Face?

The most obvious way to avoid the hassle is by not using headbands and hair products altogether. However, in matters of the face, one can never be careful enough. So wiping off your makeup with a cleansing cloth to avoid extra build-up and soothing it with balancing rose mist should be a daily practice for all the exercises out there.

Disaster – Parched skin

1. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

Start with putting your hair back and rinsing your face with lukewarm water. Don’t splash the water roughly on the face, instead use both of your hands and wet the surface of your face’s skin. Rinsing before applying any of the cleanser or washes is important because thorough rinsing results in the elimination of all the debris accumulated on the top surface. This also makes the application of your next product effective as well as easy.

2. Cleanse to Make Your Skin Dense

The second foremost step is to use a cleanser of your choice. Cleanse after Rinse! For me the deep cleansing dead sea facial wash works the job of two. A cleanser & a face wash. After rinsing, cleansers should be applied while slathering them in circular motions so that each and every area of the face gets covered.

Cleansing makes your skin dense by increasing the supply of collagen and elastin. This, not just strengthens the skin, but it also improves the elasticity of the skin as well as keep it hydrated. Keep the cleanser on for at least 5 to 6 seconds.

3. Dip & Dry

After cleansing, your next step should be to dip and dry your skin. Make sure you rinse your face with lukewarm water and wash away all the disposal of your cleanser. Then, with the help of a soft towel, pat your skin until it gets dry. Make sure you don’t rub your skin with the towel, as it will enlighten your wrinkles and cause irritation on your skin.

4. Moisturise & Rise

The last step of the 60 second rule of washing your face comprise of applying a moisturizer that best fits you. I took the ultra-moisturising day & night cream by HerbOrganic, to provide my skin with the moisturisation it has always deserved. A combination of green tea leaves as well as Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera is what our skin is missing out on. The application not only prevents the skin from drying but also reduces the tiny zits and warts on the skin by controlling the oil production.

Instead of buffing the moisturiser on the skin, use your finger tips to spread the cream all across the face in circular motions. This not only soothes the skin but also calms it down.

The 60 second washing rule has transformed the skins of many and it can yours too. Most of your skin issues can be fixed with the help of it, if this routine is incorporated in your daily lives, the right & the accurate way!

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