Deep Cleansing Dead Sea Facial Wash

Get purified skin with a gentle cleansing

Condition your skin with our Dead Sea Face Wash that readily removes dirt and excess oil from your skin. Contains minerals that provide hydration to the skin as well as deep cleansing.

Recommended for acne, tightening skin, blackheads

Key ingredients include Lonicera japonica extract and amino acids that help build collagen and combat against free radicals.

Suitable for all skin types

Size: 100 ml
In stock


Let the therapeutic minerals of Dead Sea condition your skin with our Dead Sea Face Wash. This organic mud face wash purifies skin by removing dirt, excess oil and other similar impurities, leaving it instantly refreshed and revitalized. It contains minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium that enhance your skin ability to retain moisture, making it more healthy and smooth. With gentle exfoliating properties, it eliminates dead skin cells and increases hydration.

  • Gives silky, smooth skin
  • Prevents and treats acne
  • Retains face moisture
  • Fights allergies, eczema and psoriasis
  • Has anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties
  • Prevents skin loosening
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Removes black and white heads from clogged pores

Attention: Do you want to have a radiant, healthy glow?

Interest: Our Dead Sea Face Wash will leave your skin with a healthy, radiant glow that everyone will envy! In addition to deep cleansing the pores on your face, our product contains minerals that provide hydration to the skin. This is great for those who have dried or sensitive skin because it leaves them soft and supple at all times. For an even more hydrating experience, use our Dead Sea Face Mask as well!
Desire: You can feel confident in knowing that when you purchase any of our products from us today, we guarantee satisfaction or your money back. We are so sure that you’ll love this product like millions of others do around the world

Premium Dead Sea Daily Facial Cleanser

The Dead Sea organic mud face wash purifies skin by removing dirt, excess oil and other impurities. It contains minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium that increase your skin hydration ability while also making it smoother. With gentle exfoliating properties the face wash eliminates dead cells for a rejuvenated appearance on your facial surface area.

Key Ingredients


All Ingredients

  • Aqua
  • Maris Limus (Dead Sea Mud)
  • Aloe Barbadensis Extract (Organic Aloe)
  • Glycerin
  • Lonicera Japonica Extract
  • Glycol Distearate
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Acrylates Copolymer
  • Polyglutamic Acid
  • Lysine
  • Arginine
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethylhexylglycerin

How to use

  • For all skin types.
  • Push 1-2 pumps of face wash on your palm.
  • Rub together and apply on face gently massaging it in a circular motion for up to 1 minute.
  • Rinse face with warm water.

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  1. Are Dead Sea products good for skin?
    Dead Sea products are known to be natural exfoliators. This means the mineral face wash is able to get rid of impurities on your face, giving you a nice and smooth texture of your skin. Whereas, Dead Sea facial wash is a blend of natural ingredients giving it a vegan benefit for enhancing the facial appearance and eliminating chances of impurities.
  2. Does Dead Sea facial wash help acne
    and blackheads? The antimicrobial feature that removes strains of bacteria from the face helps in treating acne. The daily use of Dead Sea natural mineral facial wash reduces the acne pimples and they start decreasing in size and quantity as well.
  3. I have sensitive skin, can I use Dead Sea face wash?
    Our Dead Sea face wash is suitable for all skin types. From sensitive to dry skin, this face wash can be easily used and stands for fighting allergies. If you have sensitive skin, this face wash will work for you as well.
  4. What else should I consider alongside Dead Sea face wash for my dry face?
    The Dead Sea mineral face wash does magic on your face with all-natural factors to fight impurities. However, when you buy Dead Sea face wash you may consider some of our cleansers alongside like, an almond and oats cleanser that works well with Dead Sea mineral face wash.


45 reviews for Deep Cleansing Dead Sea Facial Wash

  1. Reviewer Avatar


    Glad I purchased this.

  2. Reviewer Avatar


    Product received as described. Good quality

  3. Reviewer Avatar


    Delivery was on time. Product is good

  4. Reviewer Avatar


    I love the scent of this face wash. It is very good for my skin. It works like a face mask as it extracts all the impurities from my skin. My face feels refreshed.

  5. Reviewer Avatar


    Order received on time. thank you

  6. Reviewer Avatar


    Great product and price. thank you

  7. Reviewer Avatar


    No complain 🙂

  8. Reviewer Avatar

    Mary Verified Buyer: Yes

    Clear light fresh fragrance makes my skin feel great clean & shiny.

  9. Reviewer Avatar

    Holly Verified Buyer: Yes

    Brilliant lathers nicely leaves your skin feeling cleansed and clean and fresh.

  10. Reviewer Avatar

    Aveena Verified Buyer: Yes

    The bottle may look small but I have been using it over a month and it still not run out. One pump goes a long way!

  11. Reviewer Avatar

    Angie Johnson Verified Buyer: Yes

    I use it daily and it never disappoints. Very good to my skin!

  12. Reviewer Avatar

    Zee Verified Buyer: Yes

    My order just arrived and I am sold at the sleek packaging!
    Can’t wait to try it !!!!!

  13. Reviewer Avatar

    Claire Verified Buyer: Yes

    One of my favourite face washes, so refreshing and doesn’t leave your face feeling dry

  14. Reviewer Avatar

    Naomi K. Verified Buyer: Yes

    This face wash has truly transformed my skin. It balances my skin perfectly.

  15. Reviewer Avatar

    Tamara W. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Absolutely love this face wash. The natural ingredients are good to my skin and I really like to use it daily.

  16. Reviewer Avatar

    Cassie H.

    Love the ingredients and the refreshing feel it gives after every use.

  17. Reviewer Avatar

    Aleena J.

    Beautiful skin with this face wash.

  18. Reviewer Avatar

    Dory E. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Amazing face wash and I am very happy with my purchase!

  19. Reviewer Avatar

    Eva K. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Pretty amazing this face wash is. I really like it.

  20. Reviewer Avatar

    Angee J. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Great face wash!

  21. Reviewer Avatar

    Dorrie A. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Excellent face wash. Loved the quality of it.

  22. Reviewer Avatar

    Kimmie A. Verified Buyer: Yes

    I have used a dead sea mud mask which was not very good but the face wash really took my attention so I gave it a try for a few days. I am amazed as to how good this product is considering I did not have much hope. I am going to buy this again.

  23. Reviewer Avatar

    Torrie H. Verified Buyer: Yes

    It works really well with my other skin care products. I really love it.

  24. Reviewer Avatar

    Susan H. Verified Buyer: Yes

    This is one of the best and coolest purchase I have ever made. My first time trying out a natural skin care brand and I am feeling so good about my skin. Thank you herborganic!

  25. Reviewer Avatar

    Grace H. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Love the scent of this face wash. Excellent product and premium packaging.

  26. Reviewer Avatar

    Deena F. Verified Buyer: Yes

    I like this face wash from herborganic. Very good quality and very easy on my skin.

  27. Reviewer Avatar

    Bernice F. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Good face wash. Like it very much!

  28. Reviewer Avatar

    Georgina K. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Absolutely in love with this face wash. Mild to my skin. Great packaging and great product to have.

  29. Reviewer Avatar

    Kristina W. Verified Buyer: Yes

    The face wash contains amazing ingredients which are great for skin. Absolutely loved it.

  30. Reviewer Avatar

    Debra S. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Face wash with natural ingredients is a new level in skin care. Herb organic is definitely on the top based on this face wash.

  31. Reviewer Avatar

    Parmesa J. Verified Buyer: Yes

    The only face wash that keeps my skin clear from acne.

  32. Reviewer Avatar

    Amelia K. Verified Buyer: Yes

    I love my new face wash. It is very good to my skin.

  33. Reviewer Avatar

    Joanna S. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Great face wash to use on a daily basis.

  34. Reviewer Avatar

    Karina E. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Really good. Made my skin very gentle and soft as I have sensitive skin issues.

  35. Reviewer Avatar

    Agnes T. Verified Buyer: Yes

    I love this face wash. Makes me feel so fresh and alive. It is good.

  36. Reviewer Avatar

    Ellie D. Verified Buyer: Yes

    I spend a lot on face washes. After trying this product, I don’t think I will be buying face wash made with harsh chemicals. This product is gentle to my skin and I love the smell of it. Looks very good in my shower room too with its premium look.

  37. Reviewer Avatar

    Raheela A. Verified Buyer: Yes

    My husband tried it once and he loved it so much that I had to place another order for the face wash. Very good quality products.

  38. Reviewer Avatar

    Celine K Verified Buyer: Yes

    It does what it says. Detoxify, Cleanse and Hydrate.

  39. Reviewer Avatar

    Juna I. Verified Buyer: Yes

    The product is natural as it is gentle to the skin with a very mild fragrance. It does work well.

  40. Reviewer Avatar

    Nicola W. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Very happy with my purchase. This is definitely going to be my new favourite face wash.

  41. Reviewer Avatar

    Mickey Verified Buyer: Yes

    The product looks so premium in its packaging and yet so affordable. The quality is fabulous too.

  42. Reviewer Avatar

    Jacob J. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Arrived promptly. Amazing face wash.

  43. Reviewer Avatar

    Mirium H. Verified Buyer: Yes

    This is a great face wash and an amazing product.

  44. Reviewer Avatar

    Grays H. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Removes all the dirt from my skin and makes it soft.

  45. Reviewer Avatar

    Gauri R. Verified Buyer: Yes

    Quick delivery. Product looks amazing. Very nicely packed.

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