HerbOrganic's Top Picks of the Month - Exfoliate Away and Nourish your Skin

HerbOrganic’s Top Picks of the Month – Exfoliate Away & Nourish your Skin

Cosy Fire &Warm socks. Imagine you are sitting in front of a fireplace, with a mug of Hot Cocoa in one hand. Its breezy out there but the fire place is fulfilling all the requirements of keeping you warm. The hot cocoa mug is giving an extremely satisfying delight to your taste buds: YOU ARE HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. But then you lift your hand towards your face to scratch it and BOOM all of a sudden, the feeling of ecstasy & the moment of pure bliss fades away with your,

Flaky, Dry & Falling skin

Oscar nominations and winter fashion are the most exciting part about the winters however everything has its own ups and downs, and so does winter. Along with Winter Brews and season holidays, winters also gift us flaking and falling skin. It asks for time, dedication and care which is why,

Investing in your skin is the best investment one can make

The best ways to prep your skin is by,

  • Exfoliating
  • Moisturizing
  • Wear SPF all the time
  • Short showers

Winters: Exfoliate or Negotiate?

Should I exfoliate in winter or my skin will get extremely dry? A common question that almost pops up in everybody’s head when the topic about exfoliation arises. Whereas the half percentage of people are in the favour of exfoliating, the rest half is against it too. Both of the groups have different justifications to their statements and none of them are wrong. The only difference is how their journey underwent with the particular exfoliating product and what were the outcomes of using it.

How many of you have always wanted a nourishing skin, but achieving it was never really an option for you? Was it because you thought exfoliating your skin in winters will be a terrible option? Okay, LET’S NEGOTIATE.

Exfoliating during winters is highly necessary because all the dead cells accumulate on the surface of your skin, making it scaly, dry and dead. The layers of dead cells make it impossible for the products to get absorbed, therefore in a way all of it just goes to the waste. No, this doesn’t stop here. It also makes your skin look parched that results in a very dull-complexed skin tone. By helping in the replenishing of the skin, it makes your feet stay moisturized all the time.

Exfoliation is just not limited to the face; your entire body asks for exfoliation because dead skin cells get accumulated everywhere. Due to indoor heating and cold air from the outside, the skin cells get dehydrated because of which they die quicker. It is important to buff them off on a regular basis so that new cells can grow and make place for themselves. The lesser layer of dead cells will be there on the surface, the more effective will be the moisturizers and products you’ll apply on your skin.

If you have made it till here, you probably would have understood the importance of using exfoliators in winters. A problem that arises now is, which exfoliator will be the best choice for your skin. This is where make mistakes by picking out exfoliators that don’t matches their skin. Thus, HerbOrganic is here with its top picks of the month to help you Exfoliate and Nourish. 

Top Picks of HerbOrganic: Scrub & Rub

When the discussion about exfoliation comes, the options are way far from being limited. There are abundant number of exfoliators: Physical and Chemical. There are also vegan exfoliators but they can’t be found everywhere because they are rare. On the other hand, HerbOrganic solely works with and for them. All the products are produced from 100% natural ingredients therefore there’s no involvement of any sorts of toxic or chemicals.

To help you choose what is beneficial and what will not go with your skin, HerbOrganic has brought you its top exfoliating picks of the month. They are as follow:

Grapefruit Foot Scrub

Just like your face and your body, your foot needs a good scrubbing too. What can be a better option in the lane of foot scrubs than the grapefruit foot scrub? A combination of Grapefruit, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Dead sea salt and Virgin Oil is the perfect remedy to most of your foot problems. It is one of our top picks of the month because this organic grapefruit foot scrub contains a blend of antioxidants that is used to make one of the toughest skins soft. It isn’t only employed for exfoliating; the uses are more than that.

This formula heals cracked and calloused skin and gives you the smoothest ankles so that you can flaunt your feet in all type of shoes. This grapefruit mint scrub made its way on the top of our picks because it’s one of our best sellers and the choice of the people. Containing Citrus Grandis Extract along with others, this foot scrub removes skin blemishes as well as scrub away all the dried and the hard cells.

Moreover, this foot scrub can also be applied on the knees and the toes with the purpose of whitening and clearing their complexion. Due to dry and lack of moisture in the air, the skin pores open up and releases oil for which this scrub is used to tighten the open skin pores.

The best part about the scrub is, it’s suitable for all the skin types and show the wonders within 3-4 minutes of the application. People with damaged heels or calloused feet skin are highly recommended to buy Grapefruit foot scrub by HerbOrganic as it is one of our top picks of this month. Light on the pockets, as well as light on the feet. The soft, smooth feet skin that seemed unachievable to you is now an easy feat to achieve with HerbOrganic.

Matcha Body Scrub

Moving on to the next, in the lane is matcha body scrub. Enriched with Vitamin E, our Matcha Body Scrub is made with the purpose of reducing your skin inflammations as well as give a glow that was never there before on your face. We understand everybody gets bothered when signs of ageing show up therefore, we have made a solution to shoo away all of your problems. This scrub reduces the signs of ageing and generates new skin cells.

Most of the people go through the problem of getting skin rashes, mostly in the winter that causes their skin to turn red. Our organic body scrub also treats the swelling on your skin and soothes the redness. A blend of matcha, almond oil, dead sea salt and Vitamin E, this scrub is highly effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and increasing skin elasticity.

Matcha Body Scrub is one of our best picks of the month because it has solved the problems of many struggling with dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It can be yours too! Our scrub is a multi-tasking exfoliator that also helps control the production of oil which causes acne on the skin. Within a few applications, the skin turns gentle as the underlying skin rejuvenates.

What adds more to the supremacy of this scrub is its effectivity on all the skin types. Either you have a dry, oily or a combination skin, the matcha body scrub can do wonders for you just like it did for the others.

Watermelon Body Scrub

HerbOrganic’s last top pick of the month is the watermelon body scrub. Specially to keep your skin hydrated during winters, we have made our watermelon scrub the top pick of the month. A synthesis of watermelon, sunflower oil and olive oil, our watermelon body scrub is one of the best exfoliators you can get your hand on.

With a very sweet and soothing scent, this scrub helps you achieve a very youthful complexion. Our customers love to buff away all the damaged cells, so that new one can grow. Along with exfoliating, it also keeps your skin moisturized and fights with harmful bacteria that attack on the skin.

Having an effective solution, this scrub can work wonders on a rough and a scaly skin texture. Containing antioxidants, it fights all the free radicals and reduces the signs of ageing.

What Should Be Your Next Step?

Your next move should be to order these top 3 picks. Why? Because your skin needs them. It is the time you stay all armed to combat with whatever comes next in your way. Skincare should be made essential in every individuals life because it plays an important part. Good skin creates good vibes that most of the people are in search for.

Therefore, HerbOrganic has chosen these 3 exfoliators for you that will help you nourish your skin. Make your skin feel like you have always wanted to. It is the time you make your winter beautiful! Because no matter what the season:

A good skin is always in

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