Healthy hair recipe

Healthy hair recipe

Are you having a bad hair day? A month or a whole year?

Encountering too much frizz and flyaway issues along with split ends and oily scalp? If all of that sounds familiar, your hair is asking for your attention before it gets too late. But leave all your worries behind because this chain is going to stop right here.

Bad Hair Days Are a Major Turn-off

Hair is a very important part of a person’s appearance hence it needs to be sterling and outstanding. Statistics state 68% of women are unhappy with their hair. Why? Because they are frizzy, they break too easily and too often.

Not having good hair makes a person feel less confident and trigger their insecurities even more. Bad hair isn’t just a result of genetics, a lot of external factors like pollution, climate should be considered too.

However, achieving healthy and quality hair require tons of efforts just like every other thing in life does and it is not that easy. It asks for time, energy and most specifically patience.

A step towards making wiser choices!

Let’s Fix Your Hair!

If you are so staunch about your hair and want them to be in the best version of themselves, here is a short healthy hair recipe with little tips that should be incorporated into your daily routines.

Brush Before Stepping into The Shower

Make a habit of brushing your hair before stepping into the shower. WHY? Because when your hair is wet, it is more likely to break and get tangled. Brushing your hair before showering not only strengthens your hair but it also provokes them to grow faster.

Note: If you are brushing your hair before showering, don’t scrub the shampoo on your head. Apply it gently towards the scalp, on the roots in a slower vertical motion.

Use Sulphate-Free Shampoos

If you use a shampoo that contains chemicals, try switching to an organic one because it is anytime better. Organic shampoos are extremely safe to use because they don’t contain sulfate, which lets them retain the natural moisture of the hair. The shine doesn’t fade away and the hair stays soft too.

Hot Showers? Not Too Often

Hot showers are a big disaster to your hair as they are to your skin. Although, they feel super satisfying but are extremely injurious. They make your hair weaker as it swells it from the inside which leads to its breakage. It also causes moisture loss, which makes your hair look very rough and dull. The scalp becomes extremely dry and itchy too.

Fury Towels? A BIG No

Trust us when we say this, Towels are extremely bad for your hair. Why? Because of their rough texture. The fur in them manhandles your hair and make them super rough. Instead of using towels, try switching on to your old soft clothes to dry out your hair, they are healthier and safer. And if you start using silk pillows to sleep on, that’ll be a cherry on the top!

Trim Whenever You Get the Chance!

Getting your hair trimmed from the tips on a regular basis doesn’t mean your hair will stay short. Trimming ensures the healthy growth of hair that doesn’t break too often or too easily. It also eliminates the growth of split-ends and encourages good elasticity.

A Balanced Diet Causes No Harm

Eating a balanced diet, rich of proteins and vitamins is always favourable for the growth of the hair. If you are already consuming them, we are proud of you. It’d be even better if you add these to your diet too because they will boost your collagen production that will result in even better hair!

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Beans

Wrapping Things Up,

Don’t lose your hopes because there is even room for your wrecked hair to be revived only if you are staunch about it. We admit it takes time and a lot of patience to achieve the exact hair that your heart desires thus we have provided these long-term natural solutions for your hair issues. Follow them and you will be flaunting that hair in no time!

Because good hair always speaks louder than your words

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