Get breakout-free Christmas in 2020 with our Jingle Bell Discounts!

Get breakout-free Christmas in 2020 with our Jingle Bell Discounts!

The month of December and the arrival of the winter season means two things: Christmas and …….

Damaged skin!

But we are calling all our skin freaks and glow getters, because this Christmas we are 
giving you the gift of glow through our Jingle Bell Discounts.

Are you suffering from winter itch that makes you want to scratch your skin till it comes off? Don’t worry, because, with HerbOrganic as your Ministering Angel, IT STOPS RIGHT HERE.

We adorn your feelings,
That’s why it’s time you say no to the skin peelings!

What do we need to do to save our skin from falling victim to this brutal weather?

Experiencing Too Much Dry Skin?

The entrance of the cold weather means the beginning of skin problems. Cold temperature results in dry air which takes away all the moisture from our skins, making it extremely dehydrated. The loss of moisture makes it tremendously essential for the skin to stay hydrated all the time. And what can be a better option than the Moisturizing Shea butter lotion by HerbOrganic?

Along with reducing skin inflammation, and soothing the dry skin that often is a result of winters, it also treats itchy and peeling skin. Oh, and did you know, the Jingle Bell Discounts make the lotion even more affordable than it already was? £12 for a moisturizing shea butter lotion, seems unrealistic!

How to Maintain the Skin Hydration?

With no doubt, it can be said that drinking loads of water every day doesn’t just help you out with your health but also assists you in maintaining the health of your skin as well. However, as much as internal pampering of the skin is important, the external pampering is too!

The Enriching Vitamin E Serum by HerbOrganic was created to give your skin the luxurious care it deserves! A blend of Vitamin E and Nicotinamide contains properties that can rejuvenate your skin in just one application. So, all the worries about skin acne or maintaining the hydration of your skin ends here because this serum has got your back. What makes it even better? It’s more affordable because of the Jingle Bell Discounts.

How to achieve soft body skin?

Not sure if you’ll be able to slay in your Christmas dress because of your skin?

The cold weather makes your skin crusty, that often creates itching leading to the redness. This makes the skin intolerant towards contact with different fabrics. Most of the people stay bothered by it throughout the season and try different ways to get rid of it. However, a simple solution for it is to exfoliate through scrubbing, to make it soft. Discussing exfoliation, did you know our coconut milk body scrub is currently having the Jingle bells Discount?

Is It All?

Do the benefits and the discounts stop here? No, our Jingle Bell Discounts are made to provide you with the best experience. So, avail the offers while you still can because,

It’s a sale of joy!

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