DIY Eye Routine - Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Eye Bags in just 10 Days!

DIY Eye Routine – Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Eye Bags in just 10 Days!

If shadows, under-eye bags, or puffiness are eclipsing your days, you have got company.

As it happens, even royalty gets dark under-eyes and circles (Kate, you are beautiful regardless).

People tend to believe that dark circles are spawned due to tiredness and a dearth of sleep. Although these can be the cause, there are other factors at play here too, such as the natural ageing process and your parent’s own thin skin lent down to you (thanks, Mum). Often chaperoned by under-eye bags, dark circles can make you look old and shabby.

We – earthlings, are anything but perfect. We want to be fit and healthy, but that bucket of ice cream looks too scrumptious to refuse. We want to wake up early and bathe under the sun, but Netflix has got the better of us. We want to remove all those layers of make-up after a night out to let our skin breathe, but the bed was calling out to us. This is all part of the everyday scenarios life holds, however, that certainly does not mean we cannot muster up healthy habits and put them into practice. For all the morning breakfasts skipped, days spent sleeping in, and nights we didn’t have the energy to apply eye creams, there are just as many DIYs and tips to grapple the signs of ageing – dark circles and eye bags, in particular.

Before we dive into the distinct routines that will take your hand and pull out of the gloom that dark circles and eye bags have cast upon you, let’s get a know-how of the ‘why’ behind them.

Who Is The Culprit Of Darkness And Billowiness Under Your Eyes?

Having a bad skin isn’t a consequence of not practicing skin care frequently. It’s more an outcome of factors that are usually neglected by us. What if most of our skin issues are a result of not washing our faces the way we should? Well, a lot of people are aware of the hazards it can cause your skin but aren’t bothered enough to do anything about.

Disclaimer: we are just talking about dark circles and eye bags, no need to go all Sherlock, yet.

A solid eight hours of nights sleep which left you feeling beautiful when you opened your eyes at dawn to bask in the morning sun – yet when you look in the mirror, all you see are grey shadows turning purple – so deep that one can easily get lost – combined with ceaseless puffiness.

Dark circles are birthed due to three major things: poor circulation, genetics, and our lifestyle choices. Over time, our skin tends to grow thinner while losing collagen, causing those little veins to show through the thin layer of skin around your eyes, ultimately leading to dark under eyes. Lifestyle choices also significantly contribute to this dreadful cause, as fatigue and dehydration can lead to structural changes in muscles, arising puffiness and under-eye bags. As for our genes, they majorly determine the type and texture of our skin, and how it will evolve as we age.

Below are some of the finest ways to significantly minimize the appearance of these under-eye bugbears – that just won’t go away – without costing you an arm or leg, or worse. These tips are not only affordable but surpass generic practices such as simply placing cucumber on your eyes.

The Best Routines to Neutralize Uneven Skin Tone and Puffiness under Your Eyes

1. Sleep on your back and make use of an extra pillow

Are your dark, puffy bags a morning hitch? If so, we have you covered – Try sleeping on your back with an additional pillow so that fluid doesn’t puddle up during your night-long sleep. It is equally essential for you to stay on high alert when it comes down to allergens such as dust and dust mites. You can utilize protective encasements to keep your pillows clean and shielded and, bid adieu to allergies. As for pillowcases, it goes without saying that silk pillow cover are the finest and most luxurious choice to opt for.

2. If your dark circles are formed as a result of increased pigment, then brightening products and sunscreen are your way to go

At times, dark circles that are brought into being by a surge of pigment, are either due to excessive rubbing or damaging sun rays. To treat this in the best and most effective of ways, products with topical lightening agents such as kojic acid and vitamin C should be added to your everyday skincare routine. Our holy grail and a personal favourite is Super Glow Vitamin C Serum. Not only does it visibly helps lessen skin pigmentation with time, but conclusively results in a subsequent lightening of dark circles.

Don’t forget that sunscreen!

It is advised that you invest in a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen that primarily contains zinc oxide and say farewell to the damage the sun causes (finally!).

3. Try green tea bags, coupled with a Pro-Age Eye Cream

Green tea is packed with caffeine, which contains natural tannins, and has been the go-to remedy to reduce under-eye bags and puffiness for runway models and grandmothers across the globe. This rich-in-caffeine plant does wonders by shrinking the blood vessels in your under-eye area and therefore, soothing inflammation in the veins and skin. The EGCG in the tea will also confine the blood capillaries, and significantly improve the appearance of dark circles as well. It’s truly a win-win. Here’s what you have to do – soak two tea bags in warm to hot water, then place them in the refrigerator until they are chill. Place one tea bag on each eye for ten minutes, and voila, say hello to the new you. And to add more to the basket of goods, finish off by layering your eyes with a nourishing eye cream (you will surely thank us later).

4. Dark circles formed due to thin skin? No worries – use a retinoid

Retinol is another magic ingredient to help with your panda bear eyes dilemma. With repeated use, retinol can rejuvenate dermal collagen and therefore, contribute to vascular support in the under-eye area. It not only adds firmness and volume to the skin but also helps take away your dark circles once and for all.

5. Be gentle with your makeup remover/wipes

Products like makeup removers are part of our day-to-day routine. However, a majority does not realize just how sensitive and delicate the under-eye skin is. One harsh stroke or the slightest of trauma can abundantly lead to inflammation. Therefore, it is crucial to wipe away all the makeup debris slowly and gently, even if you are tempted to rub it all off in one go.

Say Goodbye to Those Bugbear Eyes!

Try out and experiment with each of the following routines to see which one pairs the best with you. However, you must practice patience and consistency while trying out any new routine – wonders don’t take place overnight after all. Abide by a routine every day for at least 3 to 6 weeks, religiously. If the results don’t live up to your expectations, you can always move on to the next practice.

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