Cut Down on Makeup – what not to do in summers? A complete skincare guide

Cut Down on Makeup – what not to do in summers? A complete skincare guide

Have you ever wondered how you share the same sun like everyone else around you, yet somehow your skin ends up looking like an unbaked chocolate chip cookie while others flaunt their smooth, flawless skin on their Instagram and snap chat stories?

Summers can be excruciatingly torturous for your skin, and if you are someone to follow every new skin tip that emerges on the internet you might just be adding to the agony your skin has to go through. Your skin is like a blank canvas and the products you use to flourish it are like the materials you choose to apply on that empty canvas. You have to be wise and careful with the choices you make. However, it is time to bid adieu to all your skin-related concerns because we have accumulated a list of all the essential don’ts for this summer.

If you are exhausted of summers constantly ruining the harmony of your skin by paving the way to acne breakouts & prickly rashes, then pour over the guide below:

1. One Ounce of Sunscreen a Day, All the Skin Damage Is Shushed Away

The importance of sunscreen in summers can never, ever be over-exaggerated. Whenever you go out, Ultra-violet radiations from the sun are always on the go to give your skin a tough time. Sunscreen amalgamates different ingredients to stop those rays from damaging your skin. But wait oh wait! You also must know how to apply enough sunscreen and at enough times. Didn’t get it? Well, whenever you are out in the sun, especially on swimming or beach days, it is imperative to apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen and also to reapply it after certain time intervals. You might have observed people ending up with a bad tan after a hangout in the sun despite applying sunscreen, which is because they probably did not apply enough.

2. About Time to Let Go of Some Facial Oils – Go ORGANIC!

Heavy facial oil may seem like a perfect choice in winters but can we say the same for summers? The answer would be a massive NO. The scorching weather already makes your skin break out and produce gallons of oil on its own, do you really want to add more oil (that will clog your pores) on top of that? However, a healthy amount (emphasis on “a healthy amount”) of some organic facial oil is always good for dry skin, these include Argan oil, Lavender oil, and Almond oil.

3. Too Much Shower is Too Much Damage!

Aaah! This one hits home! Are you someone who showers way too much in summers thinking that it’s helping your skin? Dermatologists don’t exactly have a positive response to this, in fact, they believe this is too much. Taking multiple showers a day can dry out your skin and creates a mess out of your body’s natural protective oils. Also, all the additives used in shampoos, soaps, and conditioners are concerning. So what can we do instead is limit our shower -yes! It will be tough for us girls but we gotta do what we gotta do!

4. Heavy Make-up in summers is a No-Go Zone – Keep it Light

You should wear whatever you feel like is absolutely needed and cut down oil-based cosmetics and heavy foundations; these just make your skin worse. If you resort to gel-based options, trust me your skin would be grateful to you! In summers, since the humidity level is high you should use gel-like formulations as they are lightweight. When you apply too much makeup, your skin cannot breathe. Light weight products gives your skin the freedom to respire and not to clog.

5. Alcohol is Your Skin Nemesis

In summers, you are already at the risk of dehydration and alcohol just amplifies the risks. Production of Vasopressin; the hormone which balances your body fluids is reduced because of Alcohol. Alcohol Denat is very sensitizing for the skin, and if it is one of the constituents of your skincare products; that is bad news! You don’t want to rip your skin off of the already very little moisture it receives. You have to be mindful of what goes on your skin if you crave a good-skin-summer.

6. No More Sun Bathing & Tanning Beds

While everyone goes loco trying out skincare products to lessen the impact of UV radiations on their skin, some people voluntarily fry their skin. Yes, it is true, many people may regard this practice as ‘getting a healthy tan‘, whereas in reality, it is like ‘getting more chances of skin cancer & skin damages‘. Be it sun bathing or tanning beds, both are equally hazardous for your skin. Tanning not only damages your skin cells but also makes your skin age FASTER! Would you seriously prioritize getting a temporary bronze over aging faster?

7. Choose Your Moisturizer like You’d Choose Your Spouse

This is a tricky one. Moisturizers may be your constant partners in winters but I wouldn’t say the same for summers. That extra layer makes you sweat like crazy and it also clogs your pores. However, when it comes to skincare there is plenty of fish in the sea, you will always find an alternative! As you need a moisturizer to hydrate dry skin and improve your texture, you can also go for serums to boost hydration instead. A Glossier Super Glow Vitamin C serum might just be the perfect choice for you. It will hydrate your skin, moisturize it, and give you an amazing glow!

Words to Remember:

At the end of the day, you should know that you are more than what you look like, every skin type is beautiful, and that self-care is the purest form of self-love. If you have read through the guide, you know what to avoid in order to take good care of your skin. This summer, for a change, let your skin feel alive!

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