6 ways to tackle dry skin damages in winter

6 ways to tackle dry skin damages in winter

Remember how Snow White chucked onto the apple and became pale instantly?

Well, in my story, there is no poisonous apple but just two words:

Winter and my Skin.

Whenever people used to ask me to pick the favourite season, I instantly used to throw my answer back at them. “Any season, but winter” and they’d nod their heads in approval because they could relate with me too. There was only one thing that I used to get super bothered by, I sometimes still do. My skin or let’s be more specific, my skin in winters.

To be precise, my skin gets filled with excessive acne, I get winter itch all over the body, and fleshy red scratches appear everywhere. And oh! Did I tell you how I even get frostbites on my face, which is a little too odd to be happening in that area of the body? Yes, exactly! You can now imagine how bad I used to look… until last year.

The winters used to have the potential of becoming a complete disaster until I discovered the organic facial oil by HerbOrganic and started using it. And Oh My God! it worked wonders for me.

How Our Skin Becomes A Victim of this Barbaric Cold?

As winter approaches, our skin starts to break out which is normal because all of us go through it, but for some people, it just goes beyond the limit as it did for me. Low humid levels and the cold temperatures result in dry air which sucks out the moisture from our skins leaving it extremely dehydrated. Thus, the skin becomes extremely dry and crusty. The flaking of the skin and deeper lines that appear are the result of the dehydration, so you know the importance of staying hydrated!

Are you also suffering from the winter itch where you feel like scratching your skin till it comes off? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. I was at that point too. That is what the brutal cold does to you. Makes your skin extremely vile and untouchable!

Arrgh! I Need the Glowy Dewy Look Back!

Throwback to the beauty and the beast movie days! Do you remember how the prince was forcefully turned into a beast after being cursed from the old woman? And how he was dying inside every day to get his glowy dewy look back? I can feel what he went through because I look no less than an ogre too in winters. But ah only if he knew about the glossier super glow vitamin C serum by HerbOrganic, his life would’ve been less miserable.

Are Clinical Skin Treatments Worth The Shot?

Should I go to the dermatologist to get my skin sorted out? I don’t even feel like touching it!’, how naïve was I! I kept thinking about visiting a dermatologist because my skin used to look so pale. Paler than Pennywise looks and I was so done with being called that all the time. That was before I got my hands on the magical super facialist glow boost skin serum. There is no exaggeration when I say this: That serum revived my skin. It gave the natural glow that was always missing and brought it back to life!

Your damaged winter skin can be treated at home and there is no need to go to the skin specialists unless it becomes super serious and goes out of hand. For me, HerbOrganic was the skin specialists especially their organic facial oil, now my holy grail. I’m super glad and grateful that I didn’t go to the dermatologists because the HerbOrganic and their products became my knight in the shining armour.

Herbal skin treatment a day, keeps the dermatologist away

Okay, But How Should I Banish The Dry Skin?

With winters forthcoming along with a free unsolicited gift, also one of the biggest nightmares known as damaged dry skin, we need to gear up. Get all your weapons out my gladiators because we are about to have a battle with our crusty, dry skin.

1.     Moisturize and Rise

‘I am a better person when I am moisturized’

Why do people say moisturize as much as you can in winters? Have you ever thought about it? We all know how cold weather is extremely tough on the skin and staying moisturized all the time is crucial. Moisturizers act like barriers between your skin and the cold, they don’t only make you look young and healthy, they are healthy towards your skin too.

Keep a note of one thing. The skin requirement changes as soon as the weather changes and you need to make sure you are using the right moisturizer. Make certain your moisturizer is oil-based because they will build a layer on your skin that will act as a guard to the cells. Moisturizing while your skin is still damp is super beneficial as the lotion in the moisturizer will seal the water into your skin which will help it stay hydrated longer.

2.     Spend On The Cleanse

‘Where do most of your money go?’, once asked my friend. ‘On my skin’, I replied. And I got the same reaction as the one you are giving me right now. Investing in your skin is one of the wisest investments one can make. And if you are not doing it as yet, it is your cue to start investing now because a healthy skin leads to a healthy lifestyle.

3.     Say No To Long Hot Baths

There’s nothing possibly better than taking a hot steamed bath after coming back home from a chilly winter night, right?

Wrong, absolutely wrong! The hot water might feel amazing against your skin, but it is damaging it and you aren’t even aware of it. Repetitive hot bath causes extremely dry and parched skin as it removes all the oil and the moisture from the surface. The dryness also results in rashes, triggering a lot of allergies.

However, bathing in hot water isn’t harmful and is preferable, only once in a while. I have made a practice of taking a bath only two times a week in winters, and have made the usage of pink clay mask mandatory!

A wise man once said,

Even a high frequency of good things is also a bad thing.

4.     Hydration Is The Key

Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn, drinking an excessive amount of water never was harmful to the body and it will never be. However, a lot of people avoid drinking even the bare minimum amount of water a day and then face problems like breakouts and acne.

‘Oh my God, my skin is so awful, I’m breaking out again’, that is how I used to rant to my friends about my skin before drinking loads of water & using the super facialist glow boost skin serum, and honestly now I don’t have anything to rant about. The water and the serum took all my problems away, leaving behind healthy, fresh skin.

5.     It’s Cold, I Can Abandon The Sunscreen

‘Because it is cold and the sky is covered, wearing sunscreen becomes optional’, try doing this and you will regret it forever. Winters doesn’t mean the sun disappears. The sun is still there and the ultraviolent rays still exist. SPF provides you with protection and if you are going to ignore it, be ready to get ignored by your skin, its tit for tat!

6.     STS (Slather The Serum)

I need you here, right here’

I am breaking down without your touch’, this is what our skin feels like if it doesn’t get the touch of the serum consistently. Slather the serums onto your faces. I use the one from HerbOrganic. It is a glossier super glow vitamin C serum which tightens your skin, makes it look fresh all the time, and oh did I mention the scent? It is wonderful!

Be equipped it’s the time to fight back

You deserve skin as flawless as you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I overcame my insecurities by using HerbOrganic products and you can do too. The road to the pavement will be easier if you keep one thing in your mind,

Skincare is important, but more than that self-care is

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