5 Things That Your Skin Is Trying to Tell - and How to Respond

5 Things That Your Skin Is Trying to Tell – and How to Respond

Beautiful skin is not simply influenced by DNA only – your everyday routine has a profound impact on what you see when you look into a mirror.

Are you clueless about the shenanigans circling your skin lately? Fortunately, there are scientific reasons behind it that are soon to be unraveled. Skin is the largest organ of your body and it demands care and attention for obvious reasons. You may have already realized that your skin reflects your inner health significantly. There are times when you feel as though you and your skin are fighting a battle on opposite ends – it erupts in breakouts and your puffy eyes speak for themselves, revealing just how sleep deprived you are, making you want to smother yourself in makeup and get you running late for work.

Does your skin really tell tales?

Your skin is a portal to a variety of even more underlying health secrets and potential systematic diseases and, it is essential that you take notice when it is trying to convey something to you. The cue here is not to whine and whimper, rather pay heed to the dilemma. Why is your skin breaking out like crazy? Does that natural blush indicate your good health or a budding affliction? How did these wrinkles develop overnight?! These, along with a cluster of other health issues – such as hives, patches, and skin splotches can visibly exhibit themselves on your skin and are your body’s means to tell you that something is not right and that you need to get on the train towards change.

If you are experiencing a haphazard of skin problems lately, then read on for some of the signs that epidermis of yours is crying out for attention, and consult with a professional or your doctor to find the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Now that some beans have been spilled, let’s shed light and have a look at the 5 things your skin is dying to tell you (no, not literally).

1. Acne may imply that your hormones are flying off the handle

If you are a firm believer of the generic point of view stating that the element that caused acne back in your teen days is the culprit behind your breakouts now as well, then you need to sit yourself down and follow up on some reconsiderations. That’s because, during your adolescence, a leading factor enkindling acne is the excess production of sebum, but as you age, the rooting cause is often hormonal. Acne being a sign of hormonal imbalance is probably old news to you but are you aware of the fact that a variety of different acne can be pointing to diverse hormonal issues? It’s been fairly observed that hormonal acne in women seems to go haywire when paired with the menstrual cycle or often menopause in older women too. With this form of acne, the pimples/bumps usually show up in areas surrounding your chin and jawline, unlike the acne that haunted you back in your teen years – being localized to the forehead and chin specifically. Hormonal acne tends to appear distinctively inflamed in nature, so the treatment mainly aims at calming the skin. Given its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, a holy grail that a majority swears by has been balancing rose mist. It helps reduce skin redness and puffiness and is great for sensitive skin.

2. Rumbling signs of ageing? Your cell turnover may be dilly-dallying and require a boost

You wake up one day and walk up to the mirror, only to find sagging skin and wrinkles on yourself, what does that indicate (Hello, you are officially old now) – that you need collagen. Collagen is universally known to stimulate cell proliferation by speeding up the turnover of skin cells and has a profound impact on reversing sagging skin to an adequate extent. The finest way of procuring collagen into your daily skincare routine is by using retinoids. Retinoids are known to be the finest collagen stimulator with abundant anti-ageing properties. More so, you should also consider incorporating an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) containing product into your routine. As experts recommend it, an ideal start would be a serum containing 5 percent AHA, and then you can work your way up on building the concentration levels from there. And lastly, stating the obvious – use good sun protection religiously to effortlessly slow down premature ageing. Dermatologists gravely urge that you invest in a broad-spectrum SPF 30 paired with a wide-brimmed hat when your skin is directly exposed to sunlight to save yourself from any potential UV damage.

3. Blushing & Flushing – compromised skin barrier or signs of Rosacea?

What should you do if your skin is inflamed and stressed – and what might be the culprit?

Your skin is as distinct as you are but at the end of the day, we all require the same things – to be pampered and taken care of. There are so many elements that can wreak havoc on your skin barrier while damaging the outermost layer of your epidermis. But what truly matters is how you rebuild and restore that foundation. A suitable practice is to use a gentle face wash paired with a moisturizer to provide hydration. Once the barrier is mended, your skin won’t be as disposed to burning or tingling and you can explore a wider variety of products. Along this journey of battling redness, you can also make use of color correctors and cosmetics with a green hue to neutralize that inflammation.

But what if there is an autoimmune disease at play?

Blushing and flushing, paired with visible blood vessels can be signs of Rosacea, too. This common disorder causes redness and tiny, pus-packed bumps and requires treatment that exceeds more than slapping creams on your face.

4. Under-eye bags may possibly indicate a diet or lifestyle quandary

Do you find yourself troubled with dark patches under your eyes? It may be due to genetic luck of the draw or could be a signal towards a multitude of underlying health issues. Consuming excessive salt, smoking, and even allergies can be the sources here. But mainly the crook behind this look is inadequate sleep. We have all been there, and the only way around this crisis is for you to work on your sleep hygiene habits and timely hit the hay. Aside from that, there are some quick remedies to aid you in deflating those bags – reach out for chilled cucumber slices paired with bountiful night cream (preferably with a metal tip applicator). And if all hell breaks loose and nothing is working, grab and puff on some of that foundation!

5. Dry & cracked skin? – That’s your dermis crying out loud for moisture

As you age, your skin becomes progressively thinner, increasingly fragile, and begins to lose some of its moisture. What escalates matters and makes them worse is the fact that a dry and dehydrated dermis is more probable of visibly showing signs of ageing, mainly fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles. Knowing all of that, you may be urged to grab thick and rich moisture and splash it all over your face, but that is not advised as it may clog your pores. So, by all means, opt for a lightweight moisturizer and experience the wonders it does for you.

A side note for you beauts:

Don’t let any of these skin changes throw you into a state of panic, but do consult your dermatologist if something brings fret and unease your way. It’s probably nothing, but always better to double-check and land on the safe side, eh?

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